Rachel (hintofawhisper) wrote in dh_fanfic,

"four times severus made a mistake and the one time he didn't"

title: four times severus made a mistake and the one time he didn’t
rating: pg 
fandom: harry potter 
characters/pairings: severus, lily, james, lucius, voldemort; severus/lily and james/lily 
status: complete 
word count: 1,609 
summary: his friendship with Lily had always felt too good to be true; there was no doubt in his mind that she was too good for him, in so many different ways, and it was with that knowledge that he had learned to dread the inevitable day she would sever their friendship when she realized it too. it is the perfect irony that, in his fear and expectation, he did it first. 
a/n: about time I wrote another fic of them, because i love them so. hope you enjoy!

Severus calls her that word and he knows the second it comes out of his mouth that it's the worst thing he has ever done. 
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